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IEPro is a Recruitment specialist within the Civil and Infrastructure industry with over 17 years of first-hand experience working both on the ground on civil infrastructure projects and also experience recruiting within the civil industry. IEPro understands your needs.

Finding the best fit takes experience​

Our industry relationships become your networks

Let us bring the talent to you

Finding the best fit takes experience

Finding the right person for the job in our industry requires more than just knowledge. It requires experience, and a genuine understanding of the role and project you’re recruiting for. At IEPro, our consultants have first-hand experience working on infrastructure projects in Australia. So you can expect a real conversation about your role requirements. From the first conversation, you’ll feel confident that we truly appreciate the nuances of what you’re looking for.

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Our industry relationships become your networks

Our recruitment consultants come from within the industry. This means that we have deep networks and wide-reaching connections that are relevant to your organisation. We’ll help you find the better candidates, faster.

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Let us bring the talent to you

The face of recruitment has evolved with the industry and job ads are no longer enough to secure the best candidates in the time frame you need. The IEPro team will search high and low and tap into our industry networks to find the best talent and bring those select candidates to you.

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