QLD’s 2024/2025 State Budget: A Boost for Infrastructure Development

The Queensland Government’s recent budget announcement has laid out plans for the state’s infrastructure, signaling a robust investment in various sectors to drive growth and development.

Key projects supported

Project highlights include a $5.5 billion investment for the construction of a new 37.8-kilometre Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line between Beerwah and Maroochydore. The construction of the Coomera Connector (Stage One), from Coomera to Nerang, aims to alleviate pressure on the M1 by offering an alternative route for the expanding communities and commercial hubs of Helensvale and Coomera. With a total cost of $3.026 billion, the 16-kilometre Stage One is projected to open progressively to traffic by late 2025.

Another significant highlight is the ongoing Bruce Highway Upgrade Program, which includes a total budget of $1.730 billion for the construction of the Rockhampton Ring Road, $1.162 billion for the Cooroy to Curra (Section D) construction, $948 million for upgrades between the Gateway Motorway and Dohles Rocks Road (Stage 1), and $336 million for a bypass of Tiaro to enhance the flood immunity, safety, and efficiency of the Bruce Highway.

The third stage of the Gold Coast Light Rail construction will extend the existing network with eight additional stations, at a total estimated cost of $1.219 billion.

An additional $5.75 billion has been committed to the Logan and Gold Coast Faster Rail upgrade. This project aims to increase the number of tracks between Kuraby and Beenleigh from two to four, incorporating modernized rail systems, station upgrades, and level crossing removals along this 20-kilometre corridor.

For more information check out https://budget.qld.gov.au/overview/budget-snapshot/

Bruce Highway Expansion Complete

Journey Through Queensland Just Got Faster and Safer

$662.5 Million Upgrade Unveiled Between Brisbane and Sunshine Coast


The completion of the monumental $662.5 million Bruce Highway expansion has been announced. This major project has transformed 11 kilometers of critical infrastructure from the Caboolture-Bribie Island Road to Steve Irwin Way (Exit 163) in Elimbah, enhancing the daily commute for over 65,000 vehicles.

      • Reduced Congestion: Extra lanes now open mean less time in traffic and more time where you need to be.

      • Enhanced Safety: New, higher bridges designed to withstand significant flood events make your travel safer during adverse weather.

      • Streamlined Access: Improved interchanges and exit ramps facilitate smoother transitions on and off the highway.

    Your Journey Matters Funded by both Federal and Queensland governments, with a significant $530 million from the Federal Government, this upgrade reflects our commitment to providing a superior travel experience. According to Pumicestone’s Member Ali King, these new lanes are “a game changer for locals” ensuring a “quicker, safer journey for commuters and travelers now and well into the future.”

    Check out Department of Transport and Main Roads for more updates on the Bruce Highway 

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    South East Queensland’s largest road infrastructure project

    The Coomera Connector is South East Queensland’s largest road infrastructure project, and will improve how we move around our neighbourhoods. The $2.16 billion Stage 1 project, between Coomera and Nerang, is jointly funded (50:50) by the Australian Government and Queensland Government.

    The Stage 1 Central package from Helensvale to Molendinar is currently in the design phase.

    In January 2023, Fulton Hogan Hull McIlwain Joint Venture (FHHMJV) was awarded an early works contract to progress the design and commence early works for Stage 1 Central. Major construction is expected to start in early 2024.

    Coomera Connector Stage 1 will progressively open to traffic in sections from late 2025, weather and site conditions permitting, and will be completed by 2027.

    Coomera Connector Stage 1 Central package project location map

    Download the proposed design of the Coomera Connector Stage 1 Central map for more information.

    Key highlights
    The Coomera Connector will be a high-speed motorway to future-proof infrastructure in our growing community.
    Stage 1 Central is an 8km section from Helensvale Road to Smith Street Motorway and will be built to 6 lanes.
    Utilisation of open graded asphalt road surface enhances safety and minimises noise pollution for surrounding areas.
    Grade-separated interchanges at key points: Helensvale Road, Gold Coast Highway, and Smith Street Motorway, ensuring smooth traffic flow and safety.
    Collaboration with local environmental groups: Working together to promote sustainable outcomes and minimise ecological impact.

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